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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why log your green commutes?
So your positive actions can be counted towards meeting the lab's sustainability goals. Every bit helps!

Q: How do I log in a commute?
Go to your Travel Log by selecting "Travel Log" in the main menu. Then click on any day on the calendar that you commuted, select a trip type, select the mode of commuting, confirm the distance, and submit.

Q: Can I log in more than one day's commute at a time?
Yes, definitely! Select a starting point on the calendar—like the beginning of the month or year—and log in each day of your commute. You can save time by setting up a 'commute template' to reflect your regular commute, and once you do you can select it from the list at the top of the calendar. See the Help Topic on What is the Travel Log for details.

Q: How far back or in advance can I log commutes?
You can log in commutes up to 60 days, but not in the future.

Q: Can I choose not to have my name come up in employee searches for possible rideshare matches?
Yes. You can adjust your preferences under My Account - Basic Info. Just disable the selection to enable your profile to appear on match lists.

Q: Who can sign up for or access Carpool Connect? Carpool Connect is open only to Argonne, Fermilab, DOE and UChicago employees with the following email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Q: What types of green commutes should I log into Carpool Connect?

  • Bicycle
  • Carpool (2 employees in the car qualifies as a carpool, even if they are family)
  • Public transportation
  • Vanpool
  • Walk/Run